Meramec River

Courtois Creek

Huzzah Creek

Tent Camping

Camping opportunities on or around the Meramec, Huzzah and Courtois are numerous and bountiful and come in a wide array of quality, facilities and configurations. The best campsites are roomy, reasonably flat with plenty of shade and grass or sand, avoid dirt or clay sites (which turn into mud when it rains). Most people prefer a campsite right on the river and most campgrounds have at least a few riverfront campsites and more located a reasonably short distance away. Riverfront campsites therefore are usually the first to be occupied or reserved and one who requires that kind of campsite should plan and reserve their site well in advance of their excursion date. Some Tent Campers prefer a water and electric RV Campsite just to have those conveniences, but the cost is (of course) more and RV Campsites are usually located a reasonable distance from the river (because flooding can damage the site and hookups equipment). Some of the finest campgrounds include: (check out their websites for details)

Bass' River Resort on the Courtois creek,
Huzzah Valley Resort on the Huzzah Creek
Blue Springs Ranch on the Meramec at Bourbon

Resort Recommendations:
all our Tent Camping Resort recommendations are made with the understanding that the oldest, largest and most experienced resorts will most likely have the best developed sites and space for many of them. There are however many other Campgrounds in the area that you personally may prefer for any number of reasons. Oftentimes, pricing is one of the most important factors, and it is not unlikely that the largest resorts may also involve the highest prices, but, as it is often said, you get what you pay for. Our recommendations are just a beginning point for your Campsite search. All our recommendations are made without endorsement or compensation from the resorts and do not include all the resorts that exist or offer good services and facilities.




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