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Saving money, finding bargains and getting the most for your bucks has always been wise, but in today's economy
and job market it can make all the difference between a great outing, a limited outing and/or no outing at all.
The following precepts, suggestions and advice can and will make a difference for you.

SHOP AROUND! Use the these price comparison charts. There are many camping and floating providers, some of which offer significantly lower prices than others. See the comparison charts of canoe and raft prices below, soon there will be similar charts for kayaks, tubes and camping. We suggest you pick a reasonably priced float outfitter and the cheapest priced campground nearby, and realize some significant savings.

STAY CLOSER TO HOME, the shorter the drive the less gasoline used/needed, pick a provider on the part of the river nearest to you.

BRING EVERYTHING WITH YOU: purchase everything you need at discount stores near your home and bring with you, resort stores are there as a convenience for you to purchase needed supplies but are notoriously pricey. Make a check list of the things you will need, get them at a local discount store and bring them with you. Use the resort stores for souvenirs and other items you can't get anywhere else.

GET RID OF BATTERIES: use crank style or solar powered electric devices for lights, radio or whatever. Over time you will realize some real savings. Batteries are expensive and bad for the environment when discarded.

BUY BARGAIN FIREWOOD: it used to be a good idea, if at all possible, to bring your firewood with you, but since the infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer from Asia has occurred in the US, moving wood in infected area's is risky and/or illegal. Missouri is an infected and quarantined state. In that light we recommend that you buy your campfire wood from a discount dealer along the way, somewhere near your destination. There are usually discount wood dealers set up on the roads near the resorts. Those dealers exist because buying it by the small bundle at the resort or campground can be very expensive, a medium to large campfire can be quite costly, which created the market for small scale reasonably priced campfire wood dealers to exist. They are usually locals, who can really use the revenue. In addition, if you have wood left over when your excursion ends DO NOT take it back with you.

FILL YOUR BOATS: put three persons per canoe instead of two and switch places along the way, same principle with rafts, this can reduce the number of boats needed and significantly reduce your total costs.

FILL YOUR CAMPSITE OR CABIN: filling your choice of accommodation will often reduce the "per person" cost.

WEEKDAY DISCOUNTS: many providers offer significant discounts for weekday or off-season services and facility rentals.


"Enjoy and appreciate the river and outdoors, but do so wisely and safely, obey the laws and drink in moderation."

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