Meramec River Monitor


In recent years, the Upper Meramec has become a very popular destination for summer recreational use. Some of the resorts (which began as mere canoe rentals) have grown exceedingly large and elaborate, offering a myriad of float options and everything from primitive tent camping to state of the art luxury suites and cabins. Just one of these large resorts may put as many as 2000 or more people on the water on a busy Saturday and a large number of those people come with the intention of becoming intoxicated and enjoying a floating "party" on the river. That is all fine and dandy except that inevitably, some of those partiers engage in bad behaviors that disrespect themselves, the river and those around them, those behaviors are magnified by the large numbers of people present. The State of Missouri has taken steps to curb those behaviors, and more are coming. The truth about which behaviors are and aren't lawful is HERE. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding out there concerning this issue, this is here to clear those waters for you. You deserve to know the truth and are expected to know the law, ignorance is no excuse.

We could easily fill these pages with slow loading fancy multimedia elements designed to impress, but feel that would be a waste of your and our time. We are here to deliver the information you need to know about the Meramec River, quickly and clearly. To provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions concerning your usage, appreciation of, and the future of this wonderful stream.

None of us are above error, and if you notice an error here please let us know immediately, we will verify and change it and be thankful. I addition, the world we live in does not exist in a static state, it is constantly changing, and we want very much to change the information provided here with those real world changes. Anytime you notice information which you know or believe is incorrect or has changed, please inform us immediately so we can look into and verify it and add/change the information here.

Paddle on folks!

"Enjoy and appreciate the river and outdoors, but do so wisely and safely, obey the laws and drink in moderation."

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