Meramec River, Courtois Creek and Huzzah Creek Horseback Trail Rides.


Several Meramec Resorts offer horseback trail rides of the "nose to tail" variety which is perfect for novice or occasional riders. Bass's Resort on the Courtois, Huzzah Valley on the Huzzah and Blue Springs Ranch on the Meramec all offer a nice, simple horseback trail ride experience, but if you prefer to have a real trail ride on well trained, gaited breeds horses then there two others who will provide a good experience for all levels of riders:

MERAMEC FARM has a some lovely Cabins in a wonderful setting and offers true gaited horseback riding instruction and trail rides in the Campbell Bridge (Bourbon) area, on Missouri Fox Trotters, Peruvian Paso and Tennessee Walker Horses. It is a true family owned "working" farm experience and several float trip purveyors are located nearby.

RS RANCH is located near Bourbon, is also a working family ranch and has an awesome "cowboy" cabin plus offers true horseback riding instruction and trail rides on Missouri Foxtrotter horses.


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