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Meramec River floating laws - regulations.


There is a great deal of misinformation, misunderstanding and confusion concerning what is and isn't lawful behavior for floaters on the Meramec, media coverage of the more stricter laws being enforced on Federal lands and waters, like the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers and ONSR Park has led to much of it. The fact is that many "illegal" behaviors there are not so on the Meramec. We believe that you deserve the truth, you are expected to know the law and if you get out there and break the law then let the chips fall where they may.

The Missouri State Water Patrol are out there and watching, you probably won't see them until it is too late, please obey all laws, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself without breaking them, and getting caught can very quickly turn a good day into a nightmare.

On the Meramec River, Courtois Creek and Huzzah Creek all regular laws still apply including illegal drug use, minor possession of alcohol, indecent exposure (including soliciting) and other nuisance behaviors, PLUS THESE:


Beer Bongs of any type = BANNED
Glass Containers are BANNED on any vessel that is easily susceptible to swamping, tipping or rolling (such as canoes, kayaks or inner tubes), but are NOT BANNED in other boats like rafts and jon boats.

Beer Kegs = BANNED
Alcohol Containers over 4 gallons = BANNED
Cliff diving and rope swings are BANNED on all government lands.
Jello Shots are NOT BANNED

Mardi Gras Beads are NOT BANNED.
There must be a PFD in your boat for each person in the boat (except with tubes).
Children 7 years and under must wear a PFD while on the water.

TRESPASSING: All lands, beaches and gravel bars along the Meramec are either publicly or privately owned, PURPLE PAINT ON TREES AND/OR SIGNS POSTED MEANS STAY-OFF! Respect the land, river and beaches and always pick up yours and any other litter you may encounter.

COOLER SIZE: Most parks limit cooler size to 48 quarts, and most resorts are following suit, and for good reason. Coolers over 48 quarts become exceedingly heavy for workers to load and unload, plus cause damage to the bottom of some boats when dragged over logs, rocks and gravel in the river. Instead of a 96 quart cooler use two 48 quart and everyone is happy.

HERE IS A LINK TO THE MISSOURI STATE WATER PATROL 2011 Handbook of Missouri Boating Laws and Responsibilities. KNOW THE LAW!


"Enjoy and appreciate the river and outdoors, but do so wisely and safely, obey the laws and drink in moderation."



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