Meramec River, Courtois Creek, Huzzah Creek Cabins and Lodging.


There are numerous resorts which offer Cabins and lodgings of many variations, configurations and prices. From 1 room efficiency cabins to medium and large log cabins to motel rooms, suites and condos.

FOR LODGING ON COURTOIS CREEK - Bass's River Resort is largest and offers lodging of many types and sizes.

FOR LODGING ON HUZZAH CREEK - Huzzah Valley Resort is the place to go.

ON THE MERAMEC - Blue Springs Ranch (at Bourbon) has many cabins in various configurations from luxurious to economical and everything in between, to choose from.

MERAMEC FARM has a some lovely Cabins in a wonderful setting and offers true gaited horseback trail rides in the Campbell Bridge (Bourbon) area, on Missouri Fox Trotters, Peruvian Paso and Tennessee Walker Horses. It is a true family owned "working" farm experience and several float trip purveyors are located nearby.

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