What makes a good outfitter/resort?

There are numerous valid answers to that question;
clean-safe-comfortable facilities, competent -courteous employees,
timely schedules and services, quality crafts and equipment, but
from the Monitor's point of view it can all be summed up in one word,
The best resort will train staff to respect ALL guests equally and instill two-way policies/regulations which also require guests to have that same respect for staff, property, the environment and each other.
I personally have worked for and with numerous Meramec River Outfitters for 30 years, in that time I built many of the trailers you see out there on the roads hauling canoes, rafts and kayaks around. I personally have put-in and taken-out tens of thousands of floaters and driven every kind of vehicle involved.
Throughout that time I have seen/witnessed every kind of respect and disrespect to people, property and the environment imaginable. It is not my opinion that the vast majority on negative-disrespectful events involve some sort of inebriation, alcohol or drugs, it is an unbiased observation!

Many years ago behaviors on the river were basically "anything goes" but those days are long gone, the Missouri Water Patrol is present, watching and ticketing, many behaviors that were once acceptable are no longer so, learn the rules/regu
lations here.


There are many great outfitters servicing the Meramec River, we suggest you try them all and make your own determination as to which you prefer yourself. Our own pick as to the all around best is unquestionably Blue Springs Ranch, Bourbon, MO. They service exclusively the most picturesque stretch of the river, the quality of their facilities and service is as good as it gets, and they are a truly family oriented resort requiring mutual respect all around.

Blue Springs Ranch

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